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Why You Should Use Drones for Roof Inspections?

Roofs are an indispensable part of a building that provides structural support, insulation, and more. To ensure that your roof always stays in optimal condition, regular roof inspections must be conducted. This is one of the most challenging, risky, and expensive tasks, especially for large and complex building structures.

However, commercial drones are revolutionizing the entire process by making it much safer, faster, easier, and less costly with their thermal imaging technology. These high-end drones eliminate the risks related to roof inspections such as falling off, insect bites, or collapsing roofs besides providing valuable and in-depth insight.

Let’s keep reading to discover the many benefits of using aerial drones for a wide variety of roof inspections for both the residential and commercial building sectors.

What Are Thermal Imaging Drones?

In today’s modern era, there are drones for commercial use as well as residential use. Therefore, you can easily conduct an inspection of any building structure to get valuable data related to the roof’s condition and take proper steps to prevent further damage. AltiTerra provides the best drone services for anyone needing them in Arizona.

Thermal imaging is a technology used in unmanned aerial vehicles that checks for any defects or anomalies during roof inspections. Regardless of the age of your roof, this thermal inspection can instantly scan even large-shaped roofs in just mere minutes and deliver detailed insights regarding the roof’s condition.

The reasons why commercial drones are getting more and more adoption for thermal imaging include:

  • With drone inspection, workers can mitigate their life risk by placing themselves in a safe location while operating at the same time. This eliminates any potential for unfortunate accidents on the roof and avoids insurance claims.

  • It provides detailed insights regarding the roof’s health and overall structural integrity. This includes water leaks, moisture, water puddles, cold spots, shrinkage, blistering, and other unseen hazards.

  • Roof inspections conducted by high-tech drones are more efficient and also less costly. They can reduce the inspection time by removing the need for heavy access equipment, saving you both time and money.

  • You can also conduct 3D mapping and renderings from the images captured by using the latest technology for cameras and software applications to give you a better view and a more in-depth overlay of your roofing components and surroundings.

  • By utilizing drones for roof inspections, you can save money on labor that requires physical inspections. Having your drone assessment conducted first also prevents injuries from weak spots in your roof where a worker may fall through and become injured, or worse yet, suffer a fatality.

These are some of the reasons why drones are one of the highly demanded tools in the industry. If you are still unable to conduct the inspection on your own, there are professionals to help you out like the ones available at AltiTerra. We have all of the latest drones and technology to provide you with accurate information at affordable rates.

Contact AltiTerra for Thermal Imaging and Roof Inspections

Drone inspections are highly beneficial to avoid any major damage to your roof. Earlier, people used to risk their life while conducting such dangerous tasks. Many workers have lost their lives while doing the same. Fortunately, there are drones for residential use and commercial use so that you can avoid such incidents in near future.

However, performing a roof inspection isn’t an easy task. It requires a professional’s knowledge, experience, and expertise to efficiently utilize the technology. If you have been looking for professionals to help you with your roof inspection, AltiTerria is here to help you with your roof inspections. For more information contact our experts today.


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