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Aerial Topos and Drone InspectionS



Aerial topography or aerial topos is one of the most cost-effective ways to get precise topographic information when it comes to large land areas of more than 20 acres. It is required for the planning of large project constructions as it checks the land elevation, terrain, roadways, and other features that would otherwise be difficult to inspect. 


Previously, it was one of the most challenging tasks for people to conduct as there was no such equipment available but the advent of drone technology is altering the reality. Using these unmanned aerial systems, aerial topography can easily be conducted to create point cloud models, thermal imagery, digital terrain models, and more. 


Aerial topos and drone inspection are not only critical but also challenging. Therefore, it requires knowledge, expertise, and experience with the tool to create a perfect aerial image of the land. Here at AltiTerra, our team will provide you with the best aerial topography maps using high-end UAVs. 

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Different Industries That Use Drone Inspection Services

Being a commercial drone service provider, we understand the benefits of drone inspections. It’s not limited to one industry segment only but there are a lot of other areas where topographical mapping and drone inspection can be used such as forestry and wildfire prevention and large-scale urban developments.


Having a commercial drone for aerial topos and inspection services comes with many advantages that simply cannot be achieved by other practical means. From aerial views to 3D mapping and imagery, the benefits are robust when compared to other conventional methods.

Below are some of the industries for aerial Topos and drone inspection services

Crop Inspection in Agriculture

Aerial mapping and drone inspection are one of the most precious tools for farmers as they can instantly diagnose the current state of the crops over large areas without even causing any damage to the stationary crops or soil. Since these high-end drones are equipped with sensors, they facilitate a range of data analysis. 


With agricultural drone inspection, farmers can not only get a visual inspection of their lands to identify any pest damage but also they can analyze the data related to the land’s humidity, biomass, nitrogen levels, water stress, chlorophyll, etc. Furthermore, farmers can easily adjust their pesticide level or fertilizer level to easily grow the crops. 

Chemical Inspection 

Commercial drones are being used now by a lot of chemical processing units for monitoring their assets or checking for any gas leaks without putting their worker’s life in danger. In fact, the rise of drone inspection and topographical mapping has helped thousands of chemical plant operators to monitor critical data and improve safety.


At Altiterra, we use high-end commercial drones equipped with sensors and high-resolution cameras to accurately identify the current state of the chemical unit and provide real-time data. We can also use drones in hazardous places like stirrers, cables, tanks, or even pressure vessels. 

Construction Inspection 

One of the primary utilization of drone inspections and topographical mappings is for construction projects. Usually, construction companies use drone inspection to show the 3-D mapping to their customers, inspect a few points, and get real-time monitoring of the work and overall environment. 


In fact, this technology is constantly being updated and it’s expected that in the coming times, people can use aerial drone inspection for monitoring complex construction sites as well as large building structures. Further, this can reduce the cost of the entire work by an average of 25%. 

Wildlife Management

Aerial topos and drone inspection services can be paramount for wildlife management. Commercial drones can track the movement of animals and herds to see where they are and the dangers they may pose to humans if they get too close to civilized areas. 


They can also track tagged animals with GPS tags and help determine their current grazing status and abilities to find open water sources as the recent droughts across the globe are raising alarms for many.

Forestry and Wildfire Prevention

Commercial drones are used extensively nowadays for forestry and wildfire prevention by fire departments and forest rangers across the globe. 3D mapping and aerial footage can help detect problems with dry forestation and current paths of wildfires, especially with forests populated with large trees and fires often spread through the root system.


They can be used to monitor the regrowth rate of land ravaged by fire and even volcanic activity without causing harm to engineers and field workers. Aerial topos and drone inspection services for forestry and wildfire prevention and monitoring can be aquired at AliTerra, where we use the best unmanned commercial drones fully equipped.

How Altiterra Can Help You?

Altiterra is a commercial drone service provider here to help you with aerial drone images and drone inspection services to inspect crops, livestock, forests, wildlife, powerlines, patrolling pipelines, and more. The images we provide can further be used for identifying any potential problems while saving injuries or even fatalities.


Since we have the knowledge and team of experts along with high-end drone technology, results can be achieved instantly at an affordable price. To know more about our commercial drone services and rates in Arizona, feel free to call or contact us today by filling out our online contact form.

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