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Drone Georeferencing



Drone technology is now widely being used everywhere starting from architectural engineering firms, property assessment, land developers, and more. However, the area that has been revolutionized by drone technology is the construction monitoring sector. Drone inspection can decrease project times while saving you money. 


There are several technologies integrated with these unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. One such is georeferencing where images can be digitized and then analyzed with any other data present in the coordinate system. Drone georeferencing can be used for pre-construction documentation, site preparation, site monitoring, and more. 


Here at AltiTerra, when we use drone technology for photogrammetry, we make sure that the 3D model as well as the orthophoto produced are precisely geo-referenced. Therefore, it becomes easier for the coordinates of other points present in the model to accurately match where the points exist in real-life situations. 

Aerial View of Houses

Where Can This Drone Technology Be Used?

There are a lot of use cases of drone technology. Here at AltiTerra, we use drone georeferencing and 3D mapping for building construction and monitoring. Drone technology not only saves time but also eliminates the life risk to workers. We believe in safety first and have implemented the best practices within the industry.


Whenever you have a roof more than one story high it adds a certain level of danger to the situation but when you go higher than two stories, there’s also a certain level of risk of bodily injuries or fatalities from falling off the roof or scaffolding. Also, there is the potential of falling through a weak spot in the roof if not detected beforehand.

Georeferencing Services

Here are a few use cases of drone georeferencing:

Construction in Progress

Architectural Construction

Engineering and construction are the two industries where UAV drone technology is massively used. It’s because none can disagree with the fact that the amount of time professionals can save by deploying drone technology into construction projects is quite significant. Meaning, if you run multiple projects subsequently, a drone makes it easier. 


Here at AltiTerra, we integrate drone solutions to help collect essential information related to the construction site and streamline the project. So, for construction industries, drone georeferencing technology can help drive decisions as well as complete tasks with lower costs and a shorter time span with increased safety.

Construction Manager

3D-Mapping to Compare Projects

For construction projects, we understand the significance of comparing the project as-built against the design-build. It means you must compare your construction project against the actual mapping that it was made from. AltiTerra professionals use drone georeferencing and 3D mapping technology for such comparisons. 


In fact, we use drone technology to help understand the structural damage or any other damages in the site while it’s in progress to offer a premium standard finished project to our customers. Besides saving time, this technology saves the life of workers as they can still operate from a safe location and access areas that are hard to reach. 

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Project Documentation 

AltiTerra’s drone services and technology are used for collecting building information modeling to check how the building will look upon completion. This helps us identify the potential anomalies in our digital model as well as address them before the issue turns into a major problem on the construction site. 


Moreover, drone data collection tools make it much easier for professionals to communicate with their clients and sub-contractors while gaining valuable insights into the project’s status. We also use drone technology for tracking our construction progress over time. 

Importance of Drone Georeferencing in the Construction Cycle

Drone georeferencing helps to produce comprehensive and crucial data that supports every aspect of the construction site from planning, monitoring, and compliance to everything else involved. This technology helps to track site progress, inspect the structures, and mitigate any possible issues. 

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At AltiTerra, the drones we use always have a three-axis gimbal that can be easily mounted with a high-end zoom lens, accurate sensors, and advanced optics. This aerial data can be imported for creating a 3D model of the site’s existing condition. 


To know more about how we use drones for our construction site processes and georeferencing, contact us today and see how our professional drone services in Phoenix, Arizona can make a difference while saving both time and money, and let’s not forget about worker safety and human lives. 

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