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Orthomosaic Maps & Orthophotos



Orthomosaic maps can be compared to Google Earth but it’s more sharper than the latter. It’s large, highly detailed, and can be used for a variety of reasons. Simply put, Orthomosaic maps are made by combining smaller orthophotos or orthoimages captured using high-end commercial drones. 


Here at Altiterra, we provide quality orthomosaic maps that can alter the entire work for construction companies. Using these detailed maps, construction companies can create a comprehensive and accurate view of the entire site in real-time. Further, any minor or major changes can be adjusted according to the current report. 

Overhead View of Mansion

Difference Between Orthophotos & Normal Photos

Orthophotos and normal photos are completely different in terms of accuracy and perspective. Generally, in a normal aerial picture, you see the picture as it’s taken. However, in orthophotos, pictures are geometrically corrected with camera angle and lens distortion to create a straight-down image of the objects. 


In fact, a perfectly finished orthomosaic map differs from aerial mapping itself since the picture is further corrected to remove any sort of distortion. Therefore, orthomosaic maps can easily be trusted as the most accurate representation of our earth’s surface. 

How Orthomosaic Maps Can Be Used?

Orthomosaic maps can be used for a variety of reasons from getting updated views of land areas, measuring construction firms accurately, monitoring crop health, performing  inspections, and other various geographical regions. Here are some of the following sectors where we use orthomosaic maps:

Get Updated Views of Robust Landscapes

Previously, when there was a need for getting a view of a robust land area, Google Earth was the only hope. However, the problem with Google Maps is that the images are often outdated. Real estate agents always need an updated view of a property to check whether the land will fit their needs or not. 


Orthomosaic maps make this possible and can be a game-changer for real estate agents and potential new land buyers. While Google Earth offers some good overall images and views from street level, orthophotos and maps are better.

Measuring the Land for Accuracy 

Construction companies find orthomosaic images highly useful, especially for measuring the accuracy of their construction site. Since they can get real-time updates about their construction site, they can further leverage the data for precise measurement and adjust minor mistakes accordingly. 


Orthomosaic maps are ideal for new subdivisions and commercial structures such as big box stores and shopping plazas. They save the general contractor both time and money on labor and other means to gain the information they need.

Monitoring Crop Health 

Orthomosaic images are altering the agriculture industry by helping farmers to monitor their crop health. Here at Altiterra, we use specialized drones with multispectral cameras that gather all the data to generate orthomosaic maps. Further, a farmer can use this data to understand the health of their vegetation and treat areas that need care.


The data collected by commercial drones for orthmosaic maps can be used for planning the crops for the following year by showing the farmers any geographical changes to their landscapes and signs of drought.

Performing Inspections 

At large, inspections of rooftops, buildings, and solar installations, require a proper tool that can guide people with the right information. Previously, a lot of workers had lost their life due to accidents caused during manual rooftop inspections. However, with Orthomosaic images, this can easily be done with higher accuracy. 


They can also lower general contractor’s insurance rates and workmens compensation by lowering the numer of incident reports contractors can save money coupled by risk of injury or worse yet, a fatality.


Besides the uses above, orthomosaic maps can also be used by law enforcement departments to map out crime scenes or any busy areas with a high level of detail. Additionally, conservationists can use these images for finding endangered species in a set parameter and take proper actions. 

Contact Us to Get High-quality Orthomosaic Images

Moreover, orthomosaic images can be utilized for creating a detailed distortion-free map using specialized software programs. At AltiTerra, we use high-quality commercial drones for creating orthomosaic images to produce maps that help construction companies and other industries better conduct and manage their job sites.


When it comes to getting the best images and aerial footage with extreme accuracy and high-quality ortomosaic maps and orthophotes, no one does it better than AltiTerra. We offer high-end commercial and residential drone services powered by the latest technology and cameras money can buy to provide the best drone services possible.


We also have a team of experts that utilizes the tools at their highest potency so that we can maintain a higher state of accuracy. If you’re looking for a commercial drone service company that can guide you regarding orthomosaic images and maps, contact us today and see how AltiTerra commercial drone services in Arizona can make a difference.

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