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Thermal Imaging



Roofs are certainly one of the crucial parts of a building, providing insulation, strong structural support, and preventing the house from harsh climate conditions. However, to yield the maximum potential of a roof, it needs to be in excellent condition which is pretty hard to detect without an overhead view. 


This is largely due to the roofs we see always looking to be perfect from the surface level. Still, the damages continue to accelerate from a minor leak to mold, rot, and sometimes structural damage. There can also be vegetation and pools of water lying on your roof that can create mold and bacteria and eat away at your protective coatings.

All roofs are comprised of either: Residential Applications or Commercial Applications. While there are many different types of roofing substrates and materials the most common are asphalt shingles, metal, and rubber membranes. Therefore, a simple roof inspection isn’t enough sometimes. 

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What’s the Best Solution?

The good news and best solution is that AltiTerra’s drone services bring thermal imaging to the front with the latest technology, offering maximum information about the entire roofing system with aerial views. Our services also provide an eagle’s eye view of the problem areas. 


With our professional thermal imaging software and cameras, we can provide a lot more than just pretty pictures from above. AltiTerra’s drone services are designed to unearth underlying issues not visible to the human eye and provide the best solutions for structural roof damage.

What Exactly is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging or also known as infrared imaging helps roofing contractors to see what exactly is happening under your roof’s membrane without causing any damage to the roofing system. Basically, the technology looks for defects and anomalies in the roof by detecting heat held by moisture. 


Here at AltiTerra, our thermal imaging can also be used for general maintenance as it can confirm whether the roof was rebuilt or installed properly or not. Regardless of the roof’s age, our thermal inspection can provide an accurate view of the roofing system including its potential issues and present condition within a few minutes. 

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Why Should You Use Thermal Imaging for Roof Inspection?

The benefits of using thermal imaging for roof inspection are robust, to say the least. Rather than traditional surveys, thermal imaging can help you save time and money and offer maximum accuracy as everything is performed using advanced drone software and infrared sensors. The reasons why we use thermal imaging for roof inspection include: 

It Mitigates the Risk

There are numerous risks attached to the traditional roof inspection process because it doesn’t involve using the latest technology. Often these inspections couldn’t provide an accurate view of the roof’s condition, leading to more damage in the future. Besides, there were also life risks associated with the inspections due to some being dangerous. 


There are several incidents that took place in the past where people fell from climbing ladders or slipped from unstable surfaces. Fortunately, this thermal imaging by AltiTerra makes roof inspections extremely safe for workers. We can inspect large roofs while our drone pilots operate from a safe location on the ground. 

It Provides Valuable Insights

Thermal roof inspection provides quality data and accurate information about the roof’s condition. Using thermal imaging, we can address water leakage, moisture, cold spots, water puddles, blistering, and shrinkage like major issues that could otherwise lead to structural damage to commercial and residential roofing systems. 


In fact, by using drone thermal imaging technology, our inspectors can reach out to areas that were previously hard to reach physically before. Therefore, we can cover larger areas of the roof without causing any damage. Here at AltiTerra, everything is conducted by our professional, certified, and trained team members. 

It Saves Costs

Drone inspections are cost-efficient. Not only does it saves you money but also saves you time by eliminating the need to assemble, or set up heavy access tools like scaffolding or ladders. The inspection can easily be done within an hour as we can use pre-program flight routes in case of autonomous flights. 


In addition, AltiTerra’s drone thermal imaging can be performed frequently which helps customers to prevent any roofing issues by catching the problems at an earlier stage. Moreover, it’s a non-invasive way of inspecting roofs without increasing downtime. 

Getting Started With Thermal Imaging Roof Inspection 

Here at AltiTerra, we have experienced and certified drone experts who are not only well-versed in using the latest and greatest technology but also in roof inspection services. Therefore, we can deliver high-quality professional roof inspections that can help you keep your roof in excellent condition. 


To know more about our thermal imaging drone services in Phoenix, Arizona, or to schedule a consultation, contact AltiTerra today. We provide fast drone services and affordable rates that in the end, cost far less than paying workers to inspect the roofing materials or injuries and worse yet, loss of life.

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