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Why Should You Use a Commercial Drone Service?

Capturing aerial videos or images has not only been very expensive but also impossible in the past. However, as technology is advancing, drone services are making a revolution in the industries, especially in real estate and construction industries. This small little tool can be used to yield a variety of benefits for commercial construction projects.

Previously, drones were used to be deemed small consumer toys or expensive military aircraft but the idea of this unmanned aerial vehicle has changed in the last few years. In today’s time, more and more businesses are using the best aerial drones for rapid data acquisition, work monitoring, surveys, and many more reasons.

Moreover, drones can help construction industries to affordably capture videos and images of high quality for building designs and building information modeling. Keep on reading to know how commercial drone services can help in this process.

What Are the Benefits of Drone Services for Construction Sites?

Drones or also known as UAVs or an unmanned aerial vehicle is an aircraft that doesn’t require a human pilot. It’s a robot that can be controlled remotely by a human. Earlier, it was only used to fulfill military purposes but now with commercial drone services, it can be used for operational efficiency in various industries, especially in construction sites.

They can be used for pre-construction site development and assess earthwork construction from a birds-eye view, making the process a little easier to determine the proper course of action for foundations and added features such as polyfoam injections and structural support columns buried and drilled deep in the earth for building support.

The benefits of using drone services for construction sites include:

Eliminate the Life Risks of Workers

Everyone knows the potential hazard that lies in a construction site. There has been a lot of incidents in the past where workers lost their life due to accessing some dangerous areas for surveying and monitoring. However, such risks can be mitigated by using drone services for construction sites.

Work-related accidents are costly, not only for human life but for the contractors who must pay workman’s compensation and insurance as rates often rise with more accidents than what is deemed normal over the course of a business year.

Rapid Data Acquisition

One of the best parts of using commercial drone services for a construction site is that it helps in mapping and overall examination of an intervention area of the site. Traditionally, people used to utilize some land-based machinery for this data acquisition, yet not only it was time-consuming but it also provided inappropriate data.

The use of drone services for construction sites has changed the entire process and eliminated all the drawbacks of traditional methods, making commercial drone services a valuable tool.

Overall Work Monitoring

With the flexible uses of drones and professional aerial drone services in Phoenix, you can monitor the work progress on the construction site even with low frequencies. Further, this data can be used for checking whether the work progress is actually following the project timeline or not.

Having a smooth overall work monitoring system can help keep workers safe and increase workplace productivity while on the commercial construction site.

These are the few perks of using drone services. However, it’s important to look for professionals like Phoenix drone services for optimum results in the process.

Where to Get Expert Commercial Drone Services?

Aerial videos and images captured by a drone can be useful in a lot of cases from surveying to marketing your construction project. Yet, it’s crucial to have high-quality images and videos that speak highly of your brand and it can only be done by professionals like drone services in Phoenix.

If you’re looking for top-tier commercial Phoenix drone services, Altiterra is here to help you today. We come with the best and most highly-trained drone pilots and expert crew in Pheonix and the surrounding areas.

Further, we also guarantee a satisfactory outcome for your investment. To get started right now, contact us here by filling out our online contact form or give us a call.


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